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Our workshop is truly one of a kind, working ONLY on antique phonograph reproducers, and the most challenging repairs.  

Collection dispersal services

Collections large and small, we are available to evaluate and connect you with capable buyers as well as multiple outlets for the sale of your items.  Confidential consultation. 

The Old-Website

The old website version of EdisonDiamondDisc.com was entirely hand-programmed.  When the server name changed, over 1/2 of the links went dead.  I will find time *someday* to re-write all of the links, but for now you can explore what *was* the old website.  Many of the links still work!


Victrola Orthophonic Specialist

These machines sounded beautiful when new, and 90+ years later their sound quality can be restored!

  • We currently hold the rank for the most comprehensive and details oriented repairs of the Victor Orthophonic soundbox/reproducer.   Our methods, materials and processes are not duplicated by any other repair faciity.  The best sounding Orthophonics come from our workshop. 


New production Orthophonic diaphragms are currently being made by Joe Moreira.  He can be contacted at:

Johnsonsr45@gmail.com    or via phone at 813-451-2580

Edison Diamond Disc Reproducer Restoration

Manufacturer of the highly praised Markus-Maeder "Figure6" Diaphragm

The Figure6 diaphragm is the final word in sound quality and fidelity for the Edison Diamond Disc phonograph.


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Expert Antique Phonograph Repairs. For more information about repair work, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions.




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